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How many students will be in each class?

Class sizes vary, aiming to maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio for personalized attention. Exact numbers can depend on the specific program and location. Maximum of 30 students for each Academy.

What are the age groups or grade levels?

We are serving 6th - 12th grades. Age does not matter as long as you are qualified for the before mentioned grade levels (5th grade consideration based on individual basis).

What does admissions criteria look like?

Admissions criteria typically include academic performance, baseball skill level, and an interview with Team.  Detailed criteria can vary by location and program level.

What about time with teachers? Can students talk with teachers after class?

Yes. Students can talk with teachers after class. Trosky Academy ensures that instructors are accessible for additional support and mentoring outside of regular class hours.

Is it all at one location? School, teachers, baseball, etc.?

Yes, Trosky Academy is an all inclusive school and training center. Each location integrates academic and athletic training but might vary in facilities and resources.

Is the education accredited?

Yes, our academic programs are accredited in all 50 states.

How is tuition paid? In full? Monthly?

Tuition payments will be initial deposit of $5,150 followed by 10 monthly payments.

Will these skill sets be done with a coach/instructor on hand at the physical facility so that kids aren't working all just online content?

Yes, coaching and skill training are conducted with instructors present at the physical facilities to provide hands-on guidance.

Accredited teaching?

Yes. Teaching is accredited, ensuring students receive a recognized and quality education.

Which locations will be the Live-On-Campus locations?

Trosky National Academy East in Kalamazoo, MI is currently the only facility with a housing option.

Do you anticipate competing against Pro5, A3, PG, etc., or are you looking for your academies to compete against high schools local to your locations?

The goal is for our students to get a quality education, work on all of the baseball tools and development in the academic day, giving them an opportunity to play other sports or compete on their local teams. Trosky National Academy in Kalamazoo, MI will be playing a baseball schedule for the 2024-2025 academic year.

What ages is this for?

Trosky Baseball Academy typically caters to middle and high school students, grades 6-12.

Given the weather in Kalamazoo, MI will there be a top-level indoor facility there?

Trosky National Academy in Kalamazoo, MI is one of the 10 best indoor facilities in the country.

Is there a teacher and trainer onsite to support the academics and lead/guide the development of student physicality and skill set, also are there fields secured?

Yes, there are dedicated teachers and trainers on-site to support both academics and athletic development. Secured fields and facilities are part of the program.

When it comes to the training piece, will the kids work together or be divided according to age/grade level?

Training groups are often divided by age or skill level to ensure appropriate development and competition.

Will you offer scholarships?

We are working on donors for scholarship opportunities, we have not acquired any at this point.  More to come on this topic.

Do you hope to attract the top-level players to Kalamazoo so that they can take on A3, IMG, and other top-level high schools? Will you funnel top players from the other locations to play with the Kalamazoo team?

Yes, the academy aims to attract top-level players and may move elite players between locations for optimal competition and development.  We are also looking for developmental players and everything in between.

My son is a 4.0+ GPA and is now starting college credit courses at his high school. Will you be able to offer that as well?

Yes, the academy offers advanced coursework, including college credit courses for high-achieving students.

If you do schooling with your academy, how do you still play with their High School or local team?

Schooling and training are integrated into the academic day.  Based on location, there are different scenarios on what needs to be done to play with your local team.  We will handle this on a one to one basis.

Is it a physical location? If so, what's the address?

There are multiple physical locations. Specific addresses can be provided by contacting the academy directly or visiting their website.

Who are the teachers there?

Teachers are qualified professionals with experience in their subject areas. The academy provides detailed profiles on their educational staff.

Who are the coaches there?

Currently the HC at Kalamazoo is Pete LaForest.  Rock Hill South Carolina has hired.

Are there AP courses available?

Yes, Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available to prepare students for college-level academics.

Is the school online or brick and mortar?

The academy offers both online and brick-and-mortar options, depending on the location and program.

In regards to the baseball season in Houston, Texas, do they play in TAPPS?

Participation in TAPPS or other leagues can depend on the specific location's athletic affiliations.

Curious to know how you would provide individualized attention for those who need it and wouldn’t have much guidance from home if in a virtual learning environment.

Enrollment numbers vary by location. The academy emphasizes small class sizes and individualized support, ensuring students receive the necessary guidance, even in virtual settings.

Asynchronous learning is great for students to work at their own pace, but may make teamwork, collaboration, and learning from peers more difficult as all can be at different points in programs or in entirely different subjects. What is the envisioned grade/class size or enrollment in this program (i.e., number of students per grade)?

Class sizes are kept small we are looking at a max class size of 1 Teacher to every 10 Students to facilitate individualized attention and effective collaboration. Specific enrollment numbers can vary by program and location.

How many students are you looking to have enrolled?

Enrollment targets can vary. We are looking for between 15-30 students per facility. The academy aims to maintain manageable class sizes to ensure quality education and training.

Apologies if this was already covered but will there be more information on the cost for tuition etc.?

Tuition information, including costs, payment plans, and financial aid, will be provided by the academy upon request.

Will they go to school at the Kalamazoo, Michigan location or is that online?

Both options might be available. Students can choose between attending physical location at Kalamazoo Christian or enrolling in online programs, depending on their needs and preferences.

What does admissions criteria look like?

Refer to question 2. Criteria typically include academic performance, baseball skills, a written application, and possibly an interview.

Do you cover the financial side of this? Or a breakdown on cost? Thanks

A detailed breakdown of costs, including tuition and any additional fees, can be provided by the academy. Financial aid and payment options are also discussed during the admissions process.

Will there be a coach on-site for training and to work with the players, or will it just be the video app?

Yes, there will be coaches on-site to provide hands-on training and mentorship, complementing any online resources.

We are from Canada and my son will be going into grade 12 next year. Do you know if the ASU Prep high school diploma will be recognized in Canada?

Yes, the ASU Prep high school diploma is typically recognized in Canada, but it's advisable to check with local educational authorities for specific recognition criteria.

With ASU Prep, does this put the student's classification as “homeschooled” or “private school”?

Students are classified under the private school category with ASU Prep.

Do you operate as a private school?

Yes, Trosky Baseball Academy operates as a private school or charter school, depending on location by providing both academic and athletic training.

Do you have AP, IB, or STEM learning?

The academy offers AP courses and STEM learning opportunities. IB programs may not be available.

We have advanced coursework and STEM coursework and provide access to college-level courses while still in grades 6-12.

Yes, advanced coursework, including AP and college-level courses, are available for students in grades 6-12.

How do you manage kids who may need extra support or have difficulty transitioning to online vs in-person learning?

Extra support is available through one-on-one or small group sessions with teachers and learning specialists as well as Accommodations through ASU Prep

On the ASU Prep side, students can always work one-on-one or in small group settings with teachers whenever they need added support.

Yes, ASU Prep provides opportunities for personalized support to help students transition and succeed in their studies

What about time with teachers? Can students talk with teachers after class?

Yes, students have the opportunity to speak with teachers outside of regular class hours for additional support.

How is college counseling done?

College counseling involves regular meetings with learning specialists and other instructional support professionals to ensure students are on track with their post-secondary plans.*

*On the academic side, students and families meet regularly with Learning Specialists and other instructional support professionals regularly to ensure that students are on track to meet all collegiate or post-secondary

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