School + baseball

reimagined from the mind of Nate Trosky.

Go to school, train for baseball, prepare for college with Nate Trosky – all in a Trosky Academy near you. Regional academies launching August 2024.

Are we breaking our kids?

Our kids are on a path to burnout. Stretched too thin, a broken education system, fake metrics, showcase fatigue and unfulfilled promises. Struggles compound into shattered confidence and social-emotional wreckage. Families spend tens of thousands of dollars on disconnected development. We want the best for our kids, but traditional systems are failing.

what would your child's ideal school look like?

A place they love, surrounded by like-minded students, elite educators and coaches. Education and baseball excellence is achieved by fusing academics, body, tools, makeup and recruiting in a seamless, highly engaging process. This is a school and community united by transparency, family and failth.

The world's premier education and baseball development academy.

Trosky Academy breaks norms in education and baseball development to build the complete player.

Offered thru regional and on-campus-living academies, 6th to 12th grade students focus on academic excellence, college readiness and character development. Our elite in-person staff, personalized training and engaging tech deliver on our promise to produce elite players, students and people.

School + baseball

reimagined from the mind of Nate Trosky.

"Build the person, build the player."

-Nate Trosky

5 keys to Reaching Your Ceiling (RYC)

Finding the right combination of keys to unlock your potential is our mission. We start with a core belief – the player is the person. Everything we do is centered around the athlete and the family experience.

1. Multiple academy options built to serve

Live near a Trosky Regional Academy? Spend the days at the academy, nights at home. Interested in the full academy experience? Live on campus at our Kalamazoo, MI academy.

2. White glove treatment

You are the center of our universe. At the academy, you’ll be surrounded by accredited teachers, success coaches, top baseball coaches, personalized performance programs, daily character development, and recruiting guidance by seasoned pros.

3. Best, most holistic training in baseball

With Nate Trosky’s 30+ years educating baseball youth thru top MLB players, our training program is second to none. The wide range of expertise builds elite players across all defensive positions, hitting, baseball IQ, mental game and body development.

4. Transparency in academic and baseball progress

Transparency is the key to rewiring family connections. Utilizing ASU Prep (contact us for additional school options) gives parents immediate access to student academic progress while the Trosky EdTech Platform provides a window into a student’s baseball and character development.

5. College recruiting and preparation

Recruiting and preparation is the output of effort in the classroom, gym and field. Our team of connected, highly knowledgeable experts guide you step-by-step to make college decisions based on the Trosky 4 Pillars of the Recruiting Process – Academic, Athletic, Financial and Social.

Complete Player Development

Delivering elite academics and baseball training designed to unify the development process utilizing Nate Trosky's training methodology.


Private school academics delivered by Arizona State University Prep for grades 6 thru 12. Success Coach and in-person mentor aligned with students.


Player specific baseball strength, speed and flexibility training; tested quarterly delivered by MLB performance personnel.


Player and position specific training developed by top coaches in the game.


Mental game and character development tracked daily, reflection, assessments and year round course.


Dedicated staff and pathway promotes informed college decisions based on the Trosky 4 Pillars of Recruiting – academic, athletic, financial and social fit.


Single system fuses learning process and creates engagement, transparency, measurement, personalized training.

Unmatched support ensures student success.

Holistic and prescriptive approach to all phases of growth supported by elite teachers and coaches on-site at every facility. Working together daily to build the whole person and player.

School, training, college prep.

In a place you'll love.

If you are passionate about baseball and want to commit to doing what it takes to push through your ceiling, the Trosky Academy is the place for you. And it all happens in a single location - school, training, college prep.

We offer multiple academies in cities across the US including regional, on-campus-living and virtual (coming soon).

Education built to inspire, achieve and grow.

The pursuit of excellence begins with acute focus on education. Our strategic partnership with Arizona State University Prep Global Academy, the premier digital institution, delivers a customized, personal learning experience for Academy students.

ASU Prep Global combines online high school and university courses into a unique learning opportunity for students grades 6 to 12. This accredited, rigorous virtual school program prepares students for college acceptance and encourages credit toward college majors and careers in an increasingly interconnected environment.

Guidance and curriculum to prepare students for college.

In a 3-year study, our students improved their learning, growth and resilience. Stronger life-skills and habits increased GPA, happiness and built skills to thrive under pressure.


Higher GPA

Improved focus and accountability



Appreciate the little things, stronger confidence


Goals Achieved

Small goals add up to big accomplishments


Higher College Retention

Self-authoring and vision boosts yearly re-enrollment

Measure. Improve. Achieve.

Trosky EdTech’s groundbreaking technology tears down silos to create seamless development.

As students engage, measurements lead to actionable insights, prescriptive training and the best recruiting dashboard and scouting platform athletics has ever seen. All built to complete the player development circle.

Complete Player Development

daily experience

School Starts

August 30, 2024

Who We Are

10,000+ college players developed through Trosky.

Development + Education, a winning combination.

Amateur baseball is broken—traveling the country, chasing plastic rings, and hoping a recruiter will notice you. Trosky Baseball Academy offers a transformative journey of excellence in baseball and academics for elite athletes and their families, bringing together the expertise of educators, coaches, and MLB strength and conditioning coaches.

In-person Baseball Academy for Grades 6th – 12th.

Learn more by joining our weekly webinar.

‘Super Team’ dedicated to changing the game of baseball, education and amateur sports forever.

Nate Trosky

One of the great American educators and top authority in baseball development. Mastermind of completing the circle of player development. 30+ years coaching with the best coaches, pros, and academies around the world.

Greg Moore

29-years in college baseball as D-1 head coach and Team USA pitching coach 2x gold medalist, National Consortium for Academics & Sports award winner. Founded a non-profit providing college prep to families in 40 states and 15 countries.

Pete LaForest

16-year professional veteran playing MLB with the Rays, Expos, Padres and Phillies. Represented team Canada in the Olympics and World Baseball Classic. Led a CanAM league championship as a manager. Dedicated his life to helping student-athletes reach their potential.

Eric Yavarone

8 years in Major League Baseball as the Director of Performance Scouting, Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach. Arizona League Strength Coach of the Year. 2x Member of the American Athletic Conference All-Academic team.

Tony Hilde

20-year educator. Trosky Baseball CEO tripling revenues in 3 years. 2x Gatorade Coach of the Year. Former D-1 collegiate and professional football standout. Drafted by the San Francisco Giants.

Matt French

25-year tech exec instrumental in building and scaling companies to unmatched levels. Former ServiceNow VP of Strategy, Sevwins cofounder, current advisor, investor, multiple exits, baseball coach at Folsom Lake College.

Testimonials from our student players

Become part of the Trosky Academy Pipeline

Ricky Lopez, SS

Louisiana State University

Growing up in the Bronx, NY I remember being 8 years old when my dad first introduced me to @Troskybaseball on YouTube and Social Media. Today, I am 2027 LSU commit and Perfect Game Gold Glover all thanks to the wisdom of Coach Trosky. Much love and respect for him. Stay “Suave"!

Camden Kozeal, SS

Vanderbilt University

Coach Trosky has elevated my game not only physically with foot-work, arm strength, and functional strength but mentally most of all. Trosky baseball has given me the blueprint to success, providing me many opportunities like playing for Team USA and committing to Vanderbilt University!

Jabin Trosky, SS

Oregon State University

I don’t know where I would be without my uncle Coach Trosky. He has taught me everything I know about the game of baseball and has helped me become the player and person I am today. I can write a book about what he’s done for me, GYMR!

Xavier Neyens, 3B

Oregon State University

I met coach Trosky the summer before my freshman year of HS. and since he has mentored me with my fielding and mental game. I’ve attended numerous zooms, one on one trainings and phone calls. I not only call Nate a coach but also a mentor and friend! I’m a better player by receiving everything he’s poured into me and use his teachings everyday from drill work to mental practices!

Tommy Troy, SS

Stanford University

At the age of 14, I got the chance to work privately with Coach Trosky. He introduced me to a way of training that completely changed the manner in which I went and go about getting better in the infield and competing. His teachings I've carried with me throughout my career at Stanford, and ultimately helped me get drafted in the first round by the Diamondbacks.

Tyson Lewis, SS

University of Arkansas

Hey Coach Nate, I just committed to the university of Arkansas. I want to let you know how much your training has impacted my life. Without you I wouldn’t be half the player that I am. Thank you so much and I hope to train with you again soon!” GYMR!

Carl Suave Schmidt

Texas A&M University

Love working with Coach Trosky! His passion and love for the game is truly inspiring. He pushes you to strive to be the best and gets you better each time you work with him. I am grateful for our relationship and all the time he has dedicated towards my development.

Bryce Grudzielanek, SS

University of S. California

Coach Trosky and the Trosky program have had a profound impact on me as a person as well as a player. I look up to Nate and throughout the years, have realized how rare people like him are, especially in the game of baseball. His positive and unique influence has made a difference in my life and I’m truly grateful for that!


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